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NuSeal offers a variety of products to suit your need. Have a look below at the different products we offer. If you are unsure about which product is best for you or you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us. We can customize a product for you and we might have something available already.

What is NuSeal:

NuSeal is a eco-friendly liquid, water based emulsion. Its is a product no other that offers a variety of benefits that no other product on the market can offer in one. NuSeal was developed as a one pack application coating which is membrane structured, it is completely water resistant and non toxic. The product carries strength of 3MPA bonding and is UV resistant; because of its composition it is hard wearing and has excellent weather capabilities. It remains flexible and can be used on most substrates e.g. Steel, concrete, expansion joints, sealing of dams.

NuSeal is:

  • SABS tested for insulation that will reduce the temperature up to 25C(sink)
  • Fire Retardant
  • UV resistant
  • Has a 33 tons/m2 adhesion strength.
  • Can come in any Colour
  • Seamless so there are no overlaps or ends for leaks and helps water flow to draining points. It can also be done in stages with larger projects when everything cannot be done all at one time.
  • Does not have to be used with membrane to strengthen it, it is superior on its own
  • Is elastic and can bend and can withhold up to 80m expansion
  • Is easily repairable. Have a problem with an area, we just remove the damaged area and replace it. No large costs or joints and overlaps to cause leaks.
  • The perfect surface to tile and plaster over
  • Perfect for dry walling
  • Even adds value as a sound barrier
NuSeal Roof NuSeal Wall NuSeal Plantroom NuSeal DPF NuSeal PPR NuSeal Damp NuSeal BS NuSeal Rust
Concrete Roof Retaining walls Plantrooms Dams Concrete Parking Interior Walls Bathrooms Metal
Sink Roof Boundary walls Pools Tarmack Parking Showers Gutters
Tile Roof Upstand walls Water Features Road Saunas Containers
Concrete Slab Basements (negative Waterproofing) Water Tanks Paving Steamrooms Underground Mines
Verandas/Balconies Copings Ground Dams Pavements Water Canals Rust Prevention
Any concrete surface Catchment pits Conctrete or steel watertanks Bridge Structures
Lightweight Screeds Lift shafts
Any vertical surface
Bridge Structures
Planter Boxes

NuSeal Roof

NuSeal roof is the perfect solution for any roof or concrete surface. Because NuSeal is UV resistant it means that it can withstand the heat from the sun to ensure that NuSeal protects the surface and the NuSeal does not get broken or damaged. It has enough elasticity to withstand the expansion of a 80m long surface which means that with the expansion and contraction of the applied surface NuSeal will move with it, which is especially important when working with sink roofs.

Because NuSeal roof comes in many colours it means that you are able to stick to the aesthetics of the building when adding the product to your roof and it will not need to be ainted over.However, you are still able to paint over NuSeal roof and it is ideal for tiling and plastering over too as tile glue and plaster mix (with bonding liquid) and adheres to the NuSeal Roof.

You will find that because of the adhesion onto the NuSeal Roof the Tile forms a unit with the concrete and the grouting does not break loose after time.

NuSeal Wall

NuSeal wall is your one stop solution when waterproofing walls. Its is superior to all other products on the market because of it’s 33 tons/m2 adhesion strength.

When appliying NuSeal to a vertical walls it will not run down and adheres evenly(as applied) to the surface ensuring that itis a level and seamless sealant. The SABS approved insulation means that NuSeal wall can withstand the harsh environements the walls are placed in and the product will not deteriorate.

NuSeal Wall can be coloured to a colour of choice to give you a product that not only lasts, but is to your taste too.

Decided it’s time for a change and need to redecorate or build, NuSeal Roof can be painted, tiled or plastered over.

You will find that because of the adhesion onto the NuSeal Roof the Tile forms a unit with the concrete and the grouting does not break loose after time.

NuSeal Plantroom

NuSeal Plantroom is product in it’s own range. Developed for high working traffic areas and to withhold heaving equipment. NuSeal Plantroom does not have the elasticity of some of the ther products in our range, but is hard wearing to withstand equipment been dragged and dropped on the concrete surface.

Because it is Fire retardant, it makes a safer working environment for employees too. The UV resistant characteristic of NuSeal Plantroom also allows equipment to be protected from harsh temperatures.

You will find that because of the adhesion onto the NuSeal Roof the Tile forms a unit with the concrete and the grouting does not break loose after time.

NuSeal DPF

NuSeal DPF is a multi-use product that has finally come to change the face of water structures. NuSeal DPF does not deteriorate when standing in permanent water which is a very unique chareterictic of a waterproofing product. Waterproofing was designed to keep water in, but NuSeal DPF is unique enough to keep water in too.

It is UV resistant which helps with the evaporation and discolouration. When applying to water features or swimming pools, it can be coloured to make your pool shine as bright all year long. A clear sealant is recommended for use over NuSeal DPF colour in pools to ensure that the chlorine does not discolour it.

NuSeal PPR

NuSeal PPR was designed for use on Parking areas, roads, pavements or areas with high traffic. Tarmac and concrete roads are the perfect surface for NuSeal PPR because it can withstand high volumes of traffic. NuSeal PPR is very hard wearing and tested for abrasiveness .A car turning or spinning on the NuSeal PPR applied are will have no affect the product or deteriorate it.

The road has very little elasticity because of the abrasiveness and this is where NuSeal PPR helps make the surface last longer, but adding elasticity to it as well as cooling it down.

NuSeal PPR is a very high adhesion promoted substance meaning it will not only stick the the applied area, but it is also very hard to remove. Trying to remove NuSeal PPR could result in the applied surface being damaged, this is how well it adheres. Unlike other NuSeal products, NuSeal PPR only has a 5 year warranty due to the high traffic areas this product is used on.

It is very important to note that NuSeal PPR can not replace concrete or tarmac, but make it stronger and last longer. On areas like special lanes ie Bicycle lanes, NuSeal PPR can be used as a standalone product over an even surface.

NuSeal Damp

If you have been looking for a dampproofing product that really works, look no further than NuSeal Damp. This is one of the only dampproofing product that has been tested with such a high adhesion rate. The biggest problem with damp is not removing it, but stopping it from getting into the inside of your home/building and making the paint peel. NuSeal damp completely seals the inside of the walls which means that no moisture will be allowed to be brought to the surface.

NuSeal Damp is the finest of the whole NuSeal range. A fine layer of product is applied on inside of walls. This can be easily applied with roller that makes a 500micron thick film on the surface that will seal off the wall. The moisture coming in from the outside will not deteriorate the NuSeal Damp or allow it to be pushed away. Once NuSeal Damp is applied it can then be painted over with water-based paint to the desired colour.

NuSeal Rust

NuSeal Rust has been meticulously tested for its ability to not only stop rust, but to also prevent it. NuSeal Rust is perfect for any metal surface and has the characteristics of film that can not be removed. It converts unstable iron oxide to iron phosphate thus providing a sound substrate for factory maintenance purposes especially where blast cleaning and other methods of surface preparation are impracticable on “Pitted” steelwork. Even if you were to do wire brushing you will still leave rust behind, but an application of NuSeal Rust will transform the rust to iron Phosphate thus alleviating the problem the rust creates. The reason NuSeal Rust is hands down the best solution for Rust, is because of it bonding strength to the applied surface. Rusted sink roofs, gutters, shipping containers and metal placed under ground are no match for NuSeal Rust.

NuSeal BS

NuSeal BS was created for Bathrooms and Showers and can be used on concrete and Dry walling.

Damp is always an issue in bathrooms, but with NuSeal BS, damp and waterproof issues are a thing of the past. NuSeal is applied to all surfaces in your bathroom ensuring that nothing gets through. Applying NuSeal before adding your flooring, will add that extra sealant every bathroom needs. The beauty of NuSeal is that you are able to tile(waterproof tile grout must be used), cement, paint or whatever your heart desires over it. Contact us for more questions of how we can transform your bathroom.

All products are adhesion promoted, fire retardant and UV resistant.


Here we look at the NuSeal comparing against the most popular product on the market. Without a doubt, NuSeal overcomes all objections found when using Bitumen/Torch on.

Test  NuSeal  Bitumen/Torch On
Bonding Strength  3mps Bonding Strength  No known bonding
 Joints  None  None
 Overlaps  None  4mm Overlaps
 When Water is Applied  Even Flow of Water  Overlaps Restrict Flow
 Protection UV Resistant  Stone or Silver Paint
 Maintenance  Every 5 Years(recommended)  Every 2 years (except puddles)
 Colours  Unlimited  Black and Silver only
 Corners  Easily Sealed without Cracks  Round
 Surface under Sealant No Sweating because of Bonding Cement wet because No bonding

Application process

The NuSeal application process is very simple.

It can either be applied by spraying it on with air, rolling with a roller or painting with a paint brush. Different methods would require more layers to get the desired thickness, but it does not affect the strength of the product.

The application surface has to be cleaned thoroughly before NuSeal is applied. Ground, dust, paint, oil, acid, soap or any other substance that can cause NuSeal to deteriorate needs to be removed. Removal can either be by scraping, brooming, pressure washing or acid removal. Once the application area is clean, one layer of NuSeal Primer needs to be applied followed by your NuSeal product of choice.

NuSeal is then applied according to product range specification. Membrane can be added to NuSeal if required.

The adhesion of NuSeal is as good as the surface it is bonding on. Cracked screed or dirty surfaces will not allow NuSeal to work effectively.