If it leaks, it’s not NuSeal!
Who is NuSeal

We are the developers, manufacturers, applicators and suppliers of NuSeal products worldwide.

NuSeal Waterproofing & Specialised Paint is a family run company established in 2009. After years of intense research and development, NuROCK was designed, with our focus on the mining industry. NuROCK has been specifically manufactured to enhance safety and prevent rock falls in mines.

From NuRock the NuSeal Waterproofing product was developed due to popular demand for a good quality, long lasting, easy application and economical waterproofing product. NuSeal is now the preferred waterproofing product due to its versatility, adhesion and eco-friendly ingredients.

We have put our products through vigorous testing to adhere to all industry standards and bring our clients the quality they deserve. NuSeal has taken the industry by storm and this is only the beginning…

Our Aim

We aim to be a leader in our market segment and we strive to a personal service par excellence at all times. We vow, to you our client, never to treat you as a mere number but it shall be an honor to call you by name and cement our business relationship in the good spirit of trust & honesty.

To conduct all our business dealings in such a fashion, to ensure the satisfaction of our clients and maintain a lasting and equally beneficial business relationship. We strive to excel in our sales, service and after sales service and support as well as improve on product quality.

Our goal is to keep on developing products that can fit the needs of our customers. The demand for great quality that lasts drives the innovation and creativity to keep on developing.

Colours the surface
Insulates any surface
Reduces effect of noise on the roof
Fire retardant
Prevention and destroying of rust on any metal surface
Plaster on NuSeal
Tile on NuSeal
All products can be done in various colours.
Merwe Van Rooyen

Merwe Van Rooyen (Architect) Oct 2017 “I have been trying to stop my house leaking for 35 years and since having had Nuseal waterproof my house, this is the first year it hasn’t leaked”.